Alabama WR Calvin Ridley Scouting Report

Calvin Ridley

Height: 6’1

Weight: 188

2015 USA Today Freshman All-American

2016 Second Team All-SEC

2017 First Team All-SEC


What I Love

This is such a clean route by Ridley.  There’s a mile in between them, but the sell on this route is the icing on the cake.


What I Hate

I’m going to nitpick here, but I just wish that Ridley trusted himself a little more.  He has the speed to get this ball into he end zone, or at least close to it, but decides to cut back inside.



He’s certainly not known for his blocking, but Calvin Ridley does a nice job of holding his own here.  His blocks aren’t clean and he’s often pushed around, but when he does nail a block, it’s one that makes a difference.


Player Comparison:  Oakland Raiders WR Amari Cooper

It’s easy to compare the two Crimson Tide products, but they actually play a very similar type of style.  Both of them can be moved around the field and make an impact, although I have Ridley as the better route runner.


Projected Draft Pick:  Early-To-Mid First-Round

Calvin Ridley is one of the best receivers in this draft class.  He doesn’t have the size to go up for jump balls on the outside, but he’s going to make an impact in any offensive scheme.

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